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Apr 29, 2018

"When Andrea Calls, Don't Answer" is a scuba diver's story with a lesson of just how far pride can take you built in. The Andrea Doria, the most lavish passenger cruise ship of her time, sank in the ocean off Nantucket on July 25th, 1956 after a collision with another ship in the fog. Today, diver's pay great sums of...

Apr 16, 2018

"A Sconset Beach Story" tells the story of a young Jewish immigrant named David Sarnoff who went to work at a Marconi wireless station where he was present when the distress call from the Titantic came in. Sarnoff's ambition gave us the development of radio and television, and he later became the president of NBC.


Mar 22, 2018

"The Bus Driver's Vacation" is the true story of William Cimillo, who, working as a bus driver in the Bronx, and having his fill of 17 years of the same job, decided one spring morning in 1947 to take a left turn out of the garage instead of a right, and found himself 1,286 miles south of his first Bronx stop, and...

Mar 18, 2018

'I Will Fight No More Forever" Part Two, tells the story of Chief Joseph and his tribe of Nez Perce as they escape the US Cavalry through the newly opened Yellowstone National Park in 1877, killing tourists, ranchers, and miners in a desperate attempt to reach the Canadian border before they are captured or killed....