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If you enjoy listening to classic books you've come to the right place!

Our difference is that we will often add music and sometimes sound effects, and, if you enjoy my style of narration, you'll always get me. 

Once you become used to and enjoy a narrator, its like sitting near a cabin fire and having a friend tell you a story. That's the message I get from reviewers, and I like that description.

We have some great hand-picked classics coming soon from writers such as Jack London, Washington Irving, Henry James, and many others, as we go forward. We are currently releasing new chapters every Sunday Night, but we will soon be releasing chapters of different books on Wednesday and Friday nights, to offer different choices to listeners with varying literary tastes, and include known men's and womens favorites along the way.

Young readers, or those of us who are just trying to expand our literary horizons, will soon discover why these stories are considered classics- they are expertly written, they are family friendly, they contain no bias, and the stories are powerful.

Look for these titles as we go forward:

The Call Of The Wild~Treasure Island~Anne of Green Gables~Pride and Prejudice~David Copperfield~King Solomon's Mines~The Last of The Mohegans~Little Women~The Count of Monte Christo~The Time Machine, Tarzan.....and many others. We may also be adding some fairly current stories to enrich the mix.

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Nov 15, 2017

THE CALL OF THE WILD (CHAPTER ONE) #JackLondon #thecallofthewild This Jack London classic tells the story of a dog named Buck who is kidnapped from his home in California and sold as a potential sled dog to Alaskan mail packers. In this opening chapter, Buck is beaten mercilessly by one of his handlers, making this chapter unsuitable for young children, and rough on adults as well, but it is important to the story and to Buck's metamorphasis from a gentle family dog to a creature of the wild. He is bought by an Alaskan mail carrier and learns to work on a sled team of nine dogs, learning how to survive both the dogs and the harsh environment. London is an expert at attaching human qualities to the dogs, showing them to be equally brutal as some humans, and painting a picture of the beautiful but deadly Alaskan landscape. Ever wonder why some pet dogs "make a nest" before they retire for sleep? That goes back to prehistoric times, and you'll discover the answer within the first three chapters. Buck, later in the story, finally escapes and survives in the wild until he is rescued by a kind man, who becomes his friend. It is an incredible story, told from Buck's point of view. CHAP 2 SUNDAY NOV 19TH 8PM EST Apple Podcasts: Buck is a quick learner as he is teamed up with a mean gang of working dogs, and learns how to stay alive by using his wits